Witness – Edited By Nabina Das


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Poets turn witness to dissent in contemporary poetry in this colossal anthology. Penned in different languages and touching a wide range of subjects, the vast array of poems, from 250 poets, have come from different nooks and corners of the country – those declared and other undeclared disturbed areas, from the Brahmaputra in the Northeast to the Liddel River steaming forth through the Kashmir highlands.

From the lilt of the Adivasi tea-garden dialect of Assam, to Dehwali Bhili, Santhali, Kokborok, and several Indian languages rendered in English, as well as Englishes from diverse poets, this anthology captures the essence of many registers in India. The strident tones and images draw the attention of the complacent middle class and the privileged as a reminder of what tragedies have been wreaked by the enablers upon the people of the land.


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