When Fairyland Lost Its Magic – Bijal Vachharajani, Illustrated by Rajiv Eipe


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When Fairyland Lost Its Magic

Nothing is as is …

In the once enchanted oceans and forests of Fairyland, Corals are whiter than the snowiest of laundry. There’s not a cursed or uncursed apple in sight. And Big Bad Wolf can’t even give people a fright. How could he when there are no trees left to sneak behind?

Fairyland is in the throes of a climate crisis. Something has caused the weather to turn fouler than anything the Evilest of Wizards and Witches could conjure. Led by a posse of princesses and one wolf, the denizens of Fairyland must find a way out of this smog-filled story, before their Happily Ever After becomes a Happily Never After!

Award-winning author-illustrator duo Bijal Vachharajani and Rajiv Eipe conjure up magic in a retelling of beloved fairy tales, with a climatic twist and a sprinkle of fairy dust. Achoo!


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