Voices From The Underground: Select Naxalite Documents 1965-71 – Ed. Amit Bhattacharyya


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Naxalbari exploded many a myth. The upheaval was such that nothing remained the same after Naxalbari. People had to readjust their position vis-a-vis every aspect of the system, political, administrative, military, cultural ”— Samar Sen. How prophetic was the above statement! A section of the toiling masses still keeps hope in the undying spirit of the movement. The Government, on the other, is pursuing administrative, legal, and military policies to contain the discontent of the teeming multitudes. This volume is the first in the series where select documents of the Naxalbari movement as well as thought-provoking debates are compiled.

The present volume contains seventeen documents written by the pioneers of the first stage of the movement– articles of Charu Mazumder, Saroj Dutta, Suniti Kumar Ghosh, and Sushital Roychowdhury. General readers, activists, scholars, and policymakers will find this volume a ready reference for the study of the movement and its inherent dynamics.


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