Unlocking Unicorn Secrets – Kushal Lodha & Ishan Sharma


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In 2022, India, second only to the US, produced more unicorns than any other country in the world. Although ours is a vibrant ecosystem that encourages young minds to take the entrepreneurial plunge, the road ahead is full of pitfalls.

Unlocking Unicorn Secrets captures the entrepreneurial journeys of some of India’s new-age founders and looks at the challenges they faced and how they overcame them. It covers themes such as developing an idea, building out the minimum viable product (MVP), finding a co-founder, setting up the founding team, raising funds and scaling the business, among others. Through primary research and a series of interviews conducted with the founders of these billion-dollar companies, the authors weave a narrative that is both accessible and informative.

The book is a manifestation of the authors’ passion for inculcating the entrepreneurial mindset in our nation’s youth, which they do masterfully, by illustrating the success stories of India’s top unicorns.


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