Tigers For Dinner – Ruskin Bond


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Did you see him shoot a tiger? I asked.

Oh, many times, said Mehmoud. A tiger a week that was nothing to Carpet-sahib!

Did the tigers come to the house, or did you go looking for them?

Thus starts Mehmoud’s stories about working as khansama, or cook, for the great shikari Jim Corbett. As deft with his stories as he is with koftas, lamb chops, pies and milkshakes, Mehmoud has a tall tale for every occasion.

From wrestling with a cobra in his bed, being carried away into the river by a muggermuch, to when a tiger came looking for the cook, these stories leave little Ruskin spellbound.

Join Mehmoud in the kitchen as he cooks up one delectable meal after another, and gobble down his delicious stories of man-eating tigers, incompetent Maharajas, missing kitchen boys and haunted pillows, all brought vividly to life by Sunaina Coelhos captivating illustrations.


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