Thrilling Stories Of The Railway – Victor L. Whitechurch


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Thorpe Hazell, the first ‘Railway detective’ and other stories

A must-read for railfans, these stories integrally feature the railways (way before modern trains and computers) that will draw one to the magical world of locomotives, signals, changing points but all the while with crime happening around them.

In ‘The Affair of the German Dispatch-Box’, Hazell has to come up with a daring plan to retrieve a secret government document before it reaches the German Ambassador. In ‘Sir Gilbert Murrell’s Picture’ an entire wagon with valuable paintings disappears from a goods train, and Hazell has to solve the crime. In ‘The Affair of the Corridor Express’, a multimillionaire’s son is kidnapped from a moving train. In ‘The Stolen Necklace’, a diamond necklace is stolen and must be found. In ‘The Affair of the Birmingham Bank’, Hazell must guard gold reserves on a train against train robbery.

“The first ‘specialty detective’.” Ellery Queen on Thorpe Hazell


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