This Kind Of Child – K. Srilata


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A SENSITIVE AND EYE-OPENING ACCOUNT OF THE LIVES OF PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES AND THOSE AROUND THEM it. She was a child who made “errors”, “mistakes” that the school system was unforgiving of. We were told by the principal of an alternative school that they could not possibly admit “this kind of child”. My daughter went from being a child to “this kind of child” in that one moment.’ When she started working on the book, it was Srilata’s daughter who was its protagonist. But soon, she realised that there was no way she could stop with her daughter’s story. With each step ahead (or back), she became acutely aware of the larger story of the things we frame as ‘disability’. ‘I have learnt that disability is profoundly political, that it is heartbreakingly social.’ In This Kind of Child experience―its emotional as well as imagined truth, both to the disabled themselves as well as to those closely associated with them. ‘I have learnt that stories are always bigger than they seem at ider and deeper.’ At the heart of this book is inter-being and the What does it mean to love and accept yourself or someone else fully?


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