The Women Who Forgot To Invent Facebook and Other Stories – Nisha Susan


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A classical musician finds a prince in a chat room. Three dancers in Kochi mastermind their sex lives over email. A young wife in Mumbai becomes obsessed with a dead woman’s online relics. Strange (and familiar) troll wars drag at a writer’s peace of mind. Her daughter’s cellphone conversations deeply worry a cook in Delhi. A young mother finds a job monitoring disturbing content for a social media company.

The stories in this dazzling debut collection tap into the rich vein of love, violence and intimacy that technology, particularly the Internet, has brought to the lives of Indians over the last two decades. Two decades that transformed India’s digital landscape, where would-be lovers went from cooing into cordless phones to swiping right on cellphones.

Whimsical in its telling and brutal in its probing of the human mind, the stories in The Women Who Forgot To Invent Facebook and Other Stories breathe unexpected life into the dark and joyful corners of a country learning to relish and resist globalisation.



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