The Tragedy of The Modom House – Modom Lodro Chotso, Tr. Matthew Akester


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When their mother dies from torture during a political campaign, her children were forced to take the corpse to distant river. First the elder boy shoulders it as his siblings lift her feet off the ground. Then his smaller sister trips while taking her turn, tossing the body into a gully. Lifting the body again, the boy’s back turns red from pus and blood dribbling from their mother’s mouth.

Modom Lodro Chosto relieves the horrors of Tibet under China which reduced her to being the sole survivor in a once-large family. Battles, imprisonment, torture, starvation and class-determined cruelty was the world that raised her. As Communist China continues to occupy the Tibetan Plateau, The Tragedy of the Modom House is a must read for those who care about human suffering and dignity.


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