The Tiger, The Bear And The Battle For Mahovann – Akshay Manwani


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Veera, the old tiger king of Mahovann, is planning to retire. But his last big decision is an unfortunate one; he must send his trusted friend and lieutenant Bhairav to prison.

Bhairav’s son, the mighty Taranath, seeks revenge for what he believes is an unjust decision. Guided by Daaga the fox, he imprisons the king’s son Ustaad and sends the prince’s mate Sultana and their cubs into exile.

Daaga and Taranath then scheme to eliminate the entire tiger family. Do they succeed? Will Ustaad break free? Will Sultana save her cubs? Who will deliver the creatures of the great forest from the dark age that has come upon it?

The Tiger, the Bear and the Battle for Mahovann is a story about self-belief and facing up to insurmountable odds. Set in the animal kingdom, it is also as much a primer to India’s incredible wildlife diversity as it is a riveting tale about the choices we make and the true meaning of justice.


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