The Tiger King – Kalki, Tr. Gowri Ramnarayan


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His Highness Jamedar-General, Khiledar-Major, Sata Vyaghra Samhari, Maharajadhiraja Visva Bhuvana Samrat, Sir Jilani Jung Jung Bahadur, M.A.D., A.C.T.C., or C.R.C.K.—the illustrious Tiger King—is born under an unlucky star, and is destined to die in the jaws of a tiger. Refusing to succumb to fate, the king embarks on a quest to defy destiny by eliminating every tiger in his path, vowing to stop at nothing until he reaches the fateful hundredth kill.

A satirical masterpiece, Kalki’s The Tiger King invites readers on a journey through the whimsical corridors of Pratibandapuram where titles are as abundant as the Maharaja’s ambition. The Maharaja’s quest for a hundred tiger kills takes a delightfully absurd turn, complete with prophetic astrologers, an innocent wooden toy, and a twist that leaves the Maharaja’s ego deflated. Expertly translated from the Tamil by Gowri Ramnarayan and delightfully illustrated throughout, The Tiger King is an entertaining and thought-provoking story of royal folly, showcasing Kalki’s sharp wit and humour.


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