The Tibetan Suitcase – Tsering Namgyal Khortsa


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We all belong somewhere – a place of our birth, the origin of our being. But there are those who belong to nowhere, an existence without a motherland, or circling in-between, as if in bardo. The Tibetan Suitcase is a story of the peripatetic life of the protagonist, an Indian-born Tibetan. The book is also filled with a cast of memorable characters that are equally longing for their place in the Earth’s geography. Scattered across the world, they manage to get on with their lives – living, loving, laughing, struggling but never giving up – as if in a perpetual long-distance relationship with their homeland, and their loved ones. In a style that is as ambitious as it is simple, the epistolary novel effortlessly unravels Tibetan lives without making in a sermon or a show of grief about the people who are, forever, guests in a foreign land.


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