The Sweetness of Doing Nothing – Sophie Minchilli

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Live life the Italian way with Dolce Far Niente.

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The Sweetness of Doing Nothing explores the southern Italian philosophy of Dolce Far Niente to help you find pleasure in the everyday.

How often do you focus on being in the moment, doing nothing? Whether it’s sitting outside at a cafe watching the world go by, whiling away the hours with your loved ones sipping a glass of wine or being immersed in nature at the beach taking in the sun, these seemingly ordinary moments are the ones that bring happiness in the long run and highlight the joy in living.

The Italians know the importance of enjoying good food and good company and the pleasures of being idle. The Sweetness of Doing Nothing will share this philosophy, with recipes, suggestions and advice to help you to let go of anxiety and savour life’s precious moments.


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