The Sage With Two Horns: Unusual Tales from Mythology – Sudha Murty


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Have you heard of the king who sacrificed his own flesh to keep his word
to a pigeon? Or about the throne that gives anyone who sits on it the unique
ability to dispense justice! And how about the sculptor who managed to make
magnificent statues with no hands at all? Of course, we must not forget the
sage who was born with horns on his head. There’s something for everyone in
this collection of tales of wisdom and wit! From quarrels among gods and the
follies of great sages to the benevolence of kings and the virtues of ordinary
mortals, Sudha Murty spins fresh accounts of lesser-known stories in Indian
mythology. Accompanied by fantastical illustrations and narrated in an
unassuming fashion, The Sage with Two Horns is sure to delight fans of the
beloved storyteller.


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