The Roger Federer Effect : Rivals, Friends, Fans and How The Maestro Changed Their Lives – Simon Cambers & Simon Graf


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The Roger Federer Effect tells the story of the world’s most famous tennis player in a fresh, innovative way — through the eyes of his friends, rivals, coaches, fans and many others who have been drawn to him as he blazed a trail and transcended the sport. In a glorious career spanning more than two decades, Federer won 20 Grand Slam titles — including eight at Wimbledon — and more than 100 tournaments worldwide, taking the game to a new level and becoming the most popular player the sport has ever seen. As he enters retirement, more than 40 personalities from inside and outside tennis reveal the special place Federer holds in their lives. Through exclusive interviews, they explain the Roger Federer phenomenon. As much as his deeds are important, it is also the intimate details that really make a person who they are. The Roger Federer Effect reveals them in fascinating and often previously untold anecdotes.


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