The Pursuit Of Reputation : Unlocking The Power Of Public Relations – Amith Prabhu Sujit Patil


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About the Book

Discover the art of thriving in India’s ever-shifting PR landscape with insights from 75+ seasoned experts who will help you chart a path towards modern-day brand management in uncertain times.

This is a new era for public relations. Never before has reputation been so important, and never before so fraught. At a time when thoughtfulness, transparency and authenticity are seen as key tenets, navigating India’s unique cultural, social and economic diversities poses a challenge both for fresh professionals and seasoned leaders. Added to this are emergent technologies across fields. PR professionals have but one choice: adapt to these far-reaching transformations and survive.

The Pursuit of Reputation is a one-stop survival guide to this new world. At the heart of this book lies a profound recognition that the way we communicate is undergoing an enormous shift thanks to the growing influence of social media, the rise of influencers, data-driven decision-making and the blurring of lines between earned, owned and paid media. But with shifts come new opportunities-PR professionals are uniquely placed in this matrix to enhance brand reputation, engage stakeholders and drive impactful campaigns that strongly resonate with consumers. With expert insights from seventy-five acclaimed PR professionals working across industry sectors and geographies, the book offers PR strategies for navigating an uncertain environment. It also envisions a future that PR professionals can build: one based on emotional sensitivity, thoughtful responsibility and a healthy respect for environmental, social and governance issues.

An essential read for anyone seeking to understand the art of crafting reputations.


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