The Mixed-Race Experience : Reflections And Revelations on Multiracial Identity – Naomi And Natalie Evans


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In this powerful book, Natalie and Naomi Evans, founders of anti-racist advocacy and platform Everyday Racism, explore the complexities of mixed-race identities – from the discrimination endured by the 1.2 million mixed people in Britain and millions more elsewhere, to the privileges it can afford. Sharing their own personal experiences of growing up in Britain to illuminate the nuances of racial identity, the book also weaves in:

  • Interviews with people from mixed backgrounds and in mixed relationships
  • Research to dispel common myths and stereotypes
  • Practical advice for mixed-race families and friendships

The Mixed-Race Experience will help you to recognise and confront the racism within your own family and communities, helping us all to deepen our intersectional awareness and commitment to allyship.


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