The Legend Of The Flute Player – Noel Parent


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In the Valley of the Great Mountains, where all the best musicians live and play music together, a young boy named Avvaiyar dreams of also playing music. But unfortunately, he does not have an instrument to play. One day while in the woods he hears a sound and finds a broken stick with holes. This gives him an idea and he creates his own new instrument – a flute.

Excited by his new instrument, Avvaiyar goes to the village square and begins to play – only to be ridiculed and rejected by the other musicians and people of the village. He then begins a long journey to discover the most beautiful music. As he explores the magical sounds of nature and silence, Avvaiyar grows within himself and inspires the people of his village through his music.

The story, along with the evocative illustrations, reveals a world of mystical, magical beauty, while also inspiring us to look deeper into our hearts for our own music.


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