The King Who Turned Into A Serpent – Sudha Madhavan


And Other thrilling tales of royalty from Indian Mythology

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A prince born with four arms and a third eye.
A princess who inspired a cowherd to become a great poet.
A king so generous he sacrificed himself to feed a bird.
A queen skilled beyond compare in warfare.

Awe-inspiring fighters, feisty leaders, exemplary friends, mighty monarchs, expert cooks and super-strong sleepyheads… Who were these multifaceted rulers who stood out among the hundreds in the lore of our land? From Shibi Chakravarti to Bhoja, from Vidyottama to Meenakshi, from Yudhishthira to Nahusha, and from Shishupala to Nala – what was extraordinary about them and their times?

In over 15 fascinating stories, this charmingly illustrated book takes you to the kingdoms, courts, palaces and battlefields of glorious royals, who shaped our values and made their place forever in our epics and legends.


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