The Hachette Book of Indian Detective Fiction : Volume Set (Vols 1 & 2)- Ed. Tarun K Saint


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The professionals meet the amateurs in this first–ever anthology of Indian detective fiction.

Volume 1

An elite squad detective from the future travels back in time to hunt down a time escapee.

Across the city of Tokyo, liquids are turning blue, and elsewhere a Tamil actress is kidnapped.

The gruesome murder of an adult industry star spirals into a web of deceit and leads to a bizarre revelation.

A journalist races against time to find the missing link between the deaths of a daily soap actress, a classical vocalist and a famous painter.

And more…

Volume 2

A detective delves into a cold case; a ship that disappeared in the Bay of Bengal in the year 1913.

A man is bludgeoned to death in an apartment and a piece of paper with the word ‘STOP!’ is nailed to his forehead.

Six deaths under mysterious circumstances and the only common link is a box of arsenic–laced sweets.

A soldier’s homecoming dredges up memories of a murder that took place a decade ago in the family.

And more…

The first–ever anthology of its kind, The Hachette Book of Indian Detective Fiction compiles more than 30 compelling whodunits, supernatural mysteries, serial murders and absurd crimes spread across two volumes. Through hybrid, self–reflexive and experimental forms of writing (including translations from Bengali and Tamil), this collection invites readers to unravel mysteries with every turn of the page, masterfully showcasing distinctive instances of the genre.

Red herrings simmered in blood gravy, served up with family feuds, ancient curses, long–haired lady sleuths and many other typical subcontinental chutneys provide a rare feast for the avid reader of crime fiction!

Featuring the works of:

Volume 1

Satyajit Ray * Gopa Majumdar * Saradindu Bandopadhyay * Gopa Majumdar * Ambai * Gita Subramanian * Ankush Saikia * Meeti Shroff Shah * Suchitra Bhattacharya * Radha Chakravarty * Sujan DasGupta * Chandana Dutta * Anirudh Kala * Tamilvanan * Rabindranath Tagore * Shampa Roy * Anil Menon * Tanuj Solanki * Timeri Murari * Navin Weeraratne * Kehkashan Khalid * Sumit Bardhan * Kiran Manral * Shweta Taneja * Saad Z. Hossain * Arunava Sinha

Volume 2

Rajarshi Das Bhowmik * Arunava Sinha * Vikram Chandra * Giti Chandra * Swati Kaushal * Ajay Chowdhury * Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay * Debaditya Mukhopadhyay * Vish Dhamija * Salil Desai * Mahendra Jakhar * Sharatchandra Sarkar * Shampa Roy * Vaseem Khan * Nev March * Anuradha Kumar * Madhulika Liddle * Arjun Raj Gaind * Shashi Warrier * Avtar Singh


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