The Gift Of Influence – Tommy Spaulding


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Researchers estimate that the average person will influence up to eighty thousand people over the course of their lifetime—or 2.8 people daily. That’s a stadium full of people each of us affects in ways positive or negative, sometimes without our realizing. What if we paid attention to this fact? Would we live differently? Would we lead differently? Would we put down our phones and be more present with the people in front of us?

Tommy Spaulding believes the answer is yes. In this compelling and deeply personal book, Spaulding explores how we can be more mindful and effective in wielding the influence that each of us has over others—in our careers, our everyday interactions, and the relationships we cultivate throughout our lives. Sharing stories from exceptional leaders—from entrepreneurs who have made an impact far beyond their businesses to a teacher who changed the lives of thirty-six students with a simple classroom lesson—Spaulding gives us a simple recipe for leading a life that matters, including

• the power of asking “What’s your story?”
• the secret to turning transactions into true interactions
• showing up meaningfully for people in need instead of saying “Let me know how I can help.”

For business leaders, educators, parents—everyone who works with people— The Gift of Influence is an essential read on the daily actions that add up to a meaningful life.


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