The Essential Sindhi Cookbook – Aroona Reejhsinghani


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The Sindhi community traces its roots to the Harappan civilization and claims a continuity of tradition and lifestyle that is unique in the Indian subcontinent. As the introduction to this book explains, cuisine is an important aspect of this continuity. While Sindhi food has absorbed elements from various other cuisines, especially Mughlai and Punjabi, it has always retained its own special blend of flavors and fragrances. The famous Sindhi curry, as appealing to the eye as to the palate with its mix of vegetables and curd, the delicately flavored fish baked in sand, the lotus stems cooked to succulent perfection in earthen pots —the array of dishes is unusual in its variety and range. But this book isn’t just about recipes; it’s also about the traditions and ceremonies that involve food. What, for instance, is the story behind the Sindhi New Year? What are the dishes customarily prepared to mark the day? What would one eat to break a fast? In what order should you serve the various dishes that form part of a wedding feast? The answers to these and other questions relating to the preparation and serving of Sindhi food are all here in this comprehensive guide to a distinctive culture.


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