The Dream Pod – Gayatri Majumdar


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Renowned poet, critic and academician Sukrita Paul Kumar writes, “While The Dream Pod, (the third) collection of Gayatri Majumdar’s latest poems, offers a pod for the comfort of sleep, the poems also awaken the reader to entering a zone in which one is as much rested and grounded in reality as suspended in a so-to-speak ethereal domain of dream and metaphysical probing. The poems emerge from a well-chiseled poetic sensibility urging the reader to travel alongside the poet, poem after poem, if only to ironically arrive at the last section in the book titled ‘Afterthoughts’; here everything comes together but then, one also enters into a strange sense of non-conclusivity: “The Light rearranges/shadows of long departures” and “the sea/falls asleep in my belly”. The question that pops up so effectively in one of the little poems, “Is seeing really believing?” is not that of a sceptic, but it lends a metaphysical edge to the book. The recognition of the self is not a frozen truth. . .”


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