The DOGtrine Of Peace – Dr. Manjiri Prabhu


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When two magical beings, decide on a spiritual goal,
One with a wagging tail, but both with a unique soul…

The way to inner peace lies in our heart…and in the company of dogs. With this belief, Dr. Manjiri Prabhu has poured a lifetime of her work with dogs and her learnings, into a spiritual adventure – The DOGtrine of Peace – a novel blueprint for spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

Rich with anecdotes, interviews, and experiences, of dog-lovers, scientists and animal-activists from across the globe, The DOGtrine of Peace is a powerful book of love and compassion for those who seek a unique spiritual path. It provides profound and life-changing Sutras to those with a yearning in their hearts, for those who love humanity, who pursue peace, harmony and truth, and of course for dog lovers and compassionate souls!

About the Author

Dr. Manjiri Prabhu is an award-winning, international Author, a Short-Filmmaker and Founder & Director of two sucessful festivals – PILF (literature) and IFSI (spirituality)


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