The Complete Thin Man – Dashiell Hammett


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The coolest couple of them all.

Nick and Nora Charles are Hammett’s most fascinating characters– a glamorous society couple and not to forget dog Asta who solve murders amidst droll wisecracks and martinis. Nick used to be a private eye until he married Nora but his investigating days are far from over as the crime trail continueswith missing inventor and murdered wives. Hammett manages to blend both tension and romantic perfectly with crime on one side and the snappy, witty comebacks on the other.

The Thin Man was made into a series of six successful movies with William Powell and Myrna Loy that also managed to combine light noir with screwball comedy.

The Return of the Thin Man (comprising the novella screenplays After the Thin Man and Another Thin Man) is a hugely entertaining follow up that brings back crime fiction’s favourite couple after their sensational screen success.

This volume includes as bonus Hammett’s first draft for the novel The First Thin Man never before published in book form.


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