Soothe : The book your nervous system has been longing for – Nahid de Belgeonne


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Our increasingly frantic lifestyles make it difficult to slow down and listen to what our bodies are telling us, paying attention only when they are broken. Soothe brings you back to balance, explaining the workings of your nervous system and helping you restore calm by physically releasing held stresses. Somatic educator Nahid de Belgeonne will teach you how to:

  • Cultivate interoception, the crucial body-sensing ability
  • Breathe to maximise your oxygen intake for improved body function
  • Move from your bones for an integrated mind and body
  • Understand and use the healing power of touch
  • Combine rest with restful action using your circadian and ultradian rhythms
  • Nourish your nervous system with food and nature
  • Deeply connect with yourself, others and the ground beneath your feet

A freeing and revolutionary approach to bodily tranquility, Soothe will completely change the way you breathe, move and care for your overworked nervous system.


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