Sociopreneur – Kunal Nandwani


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What does it mean to be an “entrepreneur” in today’s milieu? Are profits everything? Is there any point to this journey on what is fast becoming an uninhabitable planet? Human entrepreneurship has brought us into the digital era, where business is now conducted at the speed of thought. But laissez-faire capitalism—the framework that powers it—is broken. The above questions hang heavy over new and veteran entrepreneurs, draining motivation, energy and joy from their lives, as they run the rat race. This book has answers—by taking you from being entrepreneurs (a laudable achievement) to becoming sociopreneurs (the zenith of achievement). Drawing inspiration from the work of great sociopreneurs like Dr V, Sal Khan, Prof Yunus, William Bissell and others, it shows how to build a life of entrepreneurial satisfaction, create scalable social impact, and attain self-actualization without compromise.


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