Sivakami’s Vow II: The Siege of Kanchi – Kalki


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The political stature of the Pallava crown prince, Narasimha Varmar, has grown considerably after defeating the king of Ganga Nadu at the historic Pullalur battle. But he has more obstacles to overcome. Emperor Mahendra Pallavar, after restraining the Chalukya forces for nine months at the northern border of the Pallava kingdom, is on his way back to Kanchi and continues to oppose the crown prince’s relationship with the dancer, Sivakami.
Meanwhile, the Machiavellian Naganandi adigal has convinced Sivakami and Aayanar to leave their home in the forest against Narasimha Varmar wishes. And the Chalukya army marches towards Kanchi, causing destruction and damage across the countryside. Yet, the emperor remains unwilling to cross swords with them. Expecting the enemy to lay siege to the Kanchi fort, Mamallar must find a way to balance his duties as crown prince and his love for Sivakami.
Expertly weaving suspense, romance and drama, Kalki’s gripping narrative describes the tremendous efforts of the Pallavas to counter the Chalukya invasion and the growing intimacy between Mamallar and Sivakami in the action-packed second volume of Sivakami’s Vow: The Siege of Kanchi.


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