Sivakami’s Vow Book IV: Shattered Dream – Kalki


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To meditate lifelong at the feet of our lord-Kalki’s choice of Thirunavukkarasar’s words to end his magnum opus, Sivakami’s Vow, is indicative of the shift from romance to reflection, from the mundane to the spiritual.

Nine years have passed since Narasimha Varmar has ascended the throne to the Pallava kingdom … nine years that the dancer Sivakami has spent as a captive of the Chalukya emperor, Pulikesi. In that time, the Pallava emperor has been preparing to wage a bloody war against the Chalukyas-to fulfil his promise to Sivakami and his father. But the duties of a sovereign have driven him to make difficult choices in his personal life. Will friendships and allegiances change on account of this? With the passage of so much time, does Sivakami still yearn for vengeance? And what have the last nine years meant for the Pallava commander-in-chief, Paranjyothi, and the conniving bikshu, Naganandi?
As Kalki expertly weaves together various strands of honour, love and friendship in this fourth and final volume of Sivakami’s Vow, he takes the reader through a gamut of emotions. It is no surprise that this novel is considered a classic.


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