Science Comics: The Brain – The Ultimate Thinking Machine – Tory Woollcott, Alex Graudins


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Fahama fell prey to Dr. Cerebellum and his zombie assistant, and his only salvation is to make him speak tirelessly about the brain. Unable to resist, the mad scientist will explain to his hostage everything about neurons, what are the parts of the brain and their functions, how memory operates, how personality conforms, what happens to the senses and what is the history of our ideas about this indispensable and complex organ, among many other things. Full of humor and “bad” jokes, The Brain is a complete introduction to the central nervous system in an accessible and fun format. The brain is part of the new Science Comics collection from the Graphic Stories label. Each book has a main theme that serves as a common thread to talk about various scientific disciplines, and its format helps make reading agile without losing precision.


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