Savitribai And Jyotirao Phule : Fighting Oppression with Education – Sanjana Kapur


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Jyotirao Phule was happiest when he was studying. But because he was born into the community of gardeners, people of the oppressive castes prevented him from going to school. Refusing to let the world define his worth, Jyotirao continued to study on his own. Years later, he also taught Savitribai, his wife and companion, to read and write. The Phule’s conviction in the power of education in the face of persecution and ignorance grew stronger. Together, they dreamed of harnessing this power; of establishing a school for children who were denied the right to education.
The Phules spent their lives working towards a better world – one where education defeats prejudice, where courage faces down cruelty, where there is no room for hate. This is the story of two remarkable people and their impact on innumerable lives, even today.


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