Republic of Caste: Thinking Equality in the Time of Neoliberal Hindutva – Anand Teltumbde


‘Teltumbde gets to the heart of what is at stakes:
our collective survival as a democratic republic’
Sunil Khilnani

‘We learn more from Teltumbde than from a
dozen scholars combined’

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Commanding in its scope, revelatory and unsparing in argument, Republic of Caste amounts to a new map of post-Independence India. Anand Teltumbde identifies the watershed moments of its journey: from the adoption of a flawed Constitution to the Green Revolution, the OBC upsurge and rise of regional parties, up to the nexus of neoliberalism and hindutva in the present day. As a politics of symbolism exploits the fissile nature of caste to devitalise India’s poorest, Teltumbde’s damning analysis shows progressive politics a way out of the present impasse.

About the Author

About the Author

Anand Teltumbde is a civil rights activist and a columnist with the Economic & Political Weekly. Among his many books are Dalits: Past, Present and Future, Mahad: The Making of the First Dalit Revolt, The Persistence of Caste: The Khairlanji Murders and India’s Hidden Apartheid and the co-edited volume The Radical in Ambedkar: Critical Reflections. While serving as professor at the Goa Institute of Management, Teltumbde was incarcerated under the lawless law, the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, on 14th April 2020 and is currently lodged in the Taloja Central Jail in Navi Mumbai. To know more about him visit www.realanandteltumbde.org