Rajasthan Mein A. Ramachandran: Chitrakar Lalit Sharma Ke Camera Se – Vindo Bhardwaj


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“Vinod Bhardwaj’s mastery in capturing the life and work of artists along with their sources and tracks comes through in this book featuring A. Ramachandran as seen through the eyes and camera of the Udaipur-based painter Lalit Sharma. The succinctly authored text, together with beautifully composed visuals, does justice to both the artists. It brings to life the encounters that the legendary painter A. Ramachandran—whose art reflects a fine assimilation of Kerala myths murals together with vibrant ethos of tribal Rajasthan—had during his travels in the region accompanied by the fifth-generation Pichwai painter Lalit Sharma, who took to camera to document it all.”—Sushma K. Bahl


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