Pulse to Planet: The Long Lifeline Of Human Health – K. Srinath Reddy


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We are reflected in others, as they are in us.

Human health is determined by the interaction of many factors – biology; beliefs and behaviours; nutrition; social, political, economic, commercial and economic determinants; environmental and ecological factors that determine human health in the context of planetary wellbeing; the capacity and competence of health systems to promote, preserve, protect and restore health; and the support provided by science and technology. All of these are interconnected and influence each other. While they are often discussed in isolation, it is essential that the connection between these complex systems is understood so that a broad societal consensus is built around the actions that are needed to advance human health in all dimensions.

Through Pulse to Planet, leading public health expert K. Srinath Reddy aims to promote this understanding to contribute to building a healthier society for present and future generations.


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