Over The Rainbow – Aditya Tiwari


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In the last twenty-five years, India has seen great leaps in its LGBTQ+ movement. Today it is no longer a crime to be gay, a transgender person can stand for government positions, and there are an increasing number of high-achieving LGBTQ+ figures in worlds of cinema, arts, literature, sports and more.

In this groundbreaking anthology, award-winning poet-activist Aditya Tiwari picks nineteen of India’s queer heroes who have paved the way for the next generation to flourish – either through their activism or their courage in being open about their sexuality even when it was criminalized. This list includes activists like Anjali Gopalan or Ashok Row Kavi who pioneered working with HIV/AIDS victims, as well as Dalit and transgender activist Grace Banu who tirelessly campaigns for horizontal reservations for transgender persons. It also pays homage to well-known novelist Vikram Seth and restauranteur Ritu Dalmia who fought against Section 377 through the press and in courts.

As India moves to the next frontier in fighting for marriage equality for the LGBTQ+ community, the stories of these heroes and their extraordinary lives feel more powerful than ever.


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