No Limits : The Will To Succeed – Michael Phelps with Alan Abrahamson


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No Limits: The Will to Succeed is an autobiography written by Michael Phelps with Alan Abrahamson.

The book has been written by the swimming champion after his achievements at the Olympic Games in Beijing. It is about his triumph and how he reached up from the working class. It talks about the secrets that lead to his success, from training to execution.

For several years, the entire world has trailed along Phelps’ progress. The world knew him as he went from a teen sensation in Sydney to a bona fide phenomenon in Athens. Now, he is a living legend in the Beijing’s Olympics, holding a record number of Gold medals. In this book, he talks about how he keeps his medals at the back of his mind and focuses on the competition. He tries to be consistent, mentally prepared, and determined and passionate to win. He loves his sport.

He shares with the readers that his motto is “Performance is Reality”, which shows his attitude towards swimming. Phelps highlights memorable races in his career and all the lessons he learned from it. He talks about and inspires others how to overcome their challenges to pursue their dream and shares tales about his coach and family in his journey.


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