My Name is Gulab – Sagar Kolwankar


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Gulab’s classmates call her ‘Stinky Gulab’, and it’s not because she smells. Her father is a manual scavenger – he is made to clean drains and gutters with his bare hands, even today! “Why do do it?!” asks Gulab angrily. With a determination to help him, and a little help from science, she takes the first bold step towards change.

After Red, his acclaimed picture book on war and hope, Sagar Kolwankar addresses a deep-rooted social evil with the same lightness and sensitivity. This story too unfolds through the experiences of a child – nudging young minds to question the inequality and indignity that other children like themselves face in the same world. Sagar’s animated illustrations evoke the feisty Gulab as she refuses to let school bullies, or society, chip at her spirit.

“What would children do?” is how Sagar Kolwankar approaches issues that affects all of us, and expresses them best through stories and pictures. He has a deep interest ins storytelling through comics, picture books and novels, and believes that books are gateways to an imaginary world that everyone should visit often. Sagar’s other books with Tulika are the award- winning I Will Save My Land and Red.


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