My Little Ikigai Journal : A Journey into the Japanese Secret to Living a Long, Happy, Purpose-Filled Life- Amanda Kudo


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A guided journal to help you unlock the secret to health and happiness

You can eat healthy, stay active, and keep stress under control but still be overlooking a huge part of the health and happiness equation. That’s the headline from experts who study the longest-living people in the world. The missing piece: knowing and honoring your ikigai, or “reason for being.” My Little Ikigai Journal is just what you need to discover a sense of purpose worth up to 7 years of extra life expectancy!

-Over 120 pages of thoughtful questions, creative exercises, and little inspirations to guide you to your unique ikigai
-Grow in understanding of what you love, where you excel, how you see the world, and where you can make a difference
-Just moments spent with this journal each day will illuminate your purpose and increase your joy!

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