Murder in the Jungle – Sutapa Basu


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Evil is stalking the jungle. As tiger after tiger vanishes from Nagarhole Wildlife Reserve, despite sophisticated digital and human eyes on the ground, DFO Vinay Mishra and his team of forest officials are left puzzled. Also, what is the role of a Nawab, who is obsessed with history, in the midst of this mystery?


Faced with this Murder in the Jungle while on their summer vacation, young Kabir, Tara, Vicky, Ishi and their white hamster, Ripper, get into their best investigative mode. Can the five Mystery Hounders combine their online and on-ground detective skills to solve the mystery? Will they be able to track the crafty criminals, expose their nefarious plans, and save the DFO’s reputation—as well as the threatened tigers? Can they live up to their motto of ‘Together we hound mysteries to ground!’?


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