Moonward : Stories From Halahala – Appupen


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Fiction. Graphic Novel. South Asia Studies. Primordial Halahala is at war. In a last-ditch attempt to stop the bloodshed, the wise and ancient Tortle draws the outline of a new creature into a rock–thus ushering in a strange dystopian world of weeping trees, robotic birds, and cities grown from seeds.

About the Author

Appupen makes comics. He draws his stories from Halahala–a strangely familiar world he has been secretly observing for many years. The graphic novel MOONWARD was the result of his prolonged visit, and documents the key events and characters that shaped the course of Halahala, right from its birth. During his undercover visits Appupen claims to have unearthed enough material for another book–10 short silent graphic stories of love–which he is currently working on. But all this interplanetary travel takes its toll. Disoriented and losing his bearings, he occasionally falls into his own stories. This bunch, called “Making Soap” (more soon), was developed initially as a part of MOONWARD.


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