Masculinity Digs A Grave Over My Body – Soz


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Am I a man accepting my femininity? Or, am I a woman born wrong? Masculinity Digs a Grave Over My Body seeks to address these exhaustions of going back and forth, while revealing the reading of the intersection of emotional truths and physical lies – in an attempt to disclose, and thus discover the self.

Some day, boys and girls who flow to meet in the middle ground of gender. …In a world like that, Soz and millions of others can stop beating themselves up. That world, though emerging, has not yet arrived. And so, in the meantime, Soz will write poems. Mark Greene, founder of RemakingManhood.com

To read these poems is a physical experience and yet Soz never loses sight of the object of politicising masculinity, of travelling from the physical body to the body of the state. Rahul Roy, filmmaker

Soz’s ability to express, what most would consider deeply private experiences, is an act of courage. There is an extraordinary sincerity and straightforwardness in his intellectualism. If ‘personal is political’, I am convinced that Soz’s personal truly shapes his politics. Bhanwar Meghwanshi, Dalit activist & writer

Here is a poet who turns gender lines to fault lines, each poem a fissure that cracks open Soz’s life as a genderfluid child, adult, lover and citizen. Soz burns through masculinity for breakfast, wears lingerie for lunch and plays sub to the state in bed. Nicole Sumner, play advocate and educator


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