Marquez, EMS, Gulam and Others : Selected Stories – Benyamin , Tr. Swarup B.R


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‘No matter which story I say is true, you will still believe only the version that you choose to.’

A young journalist in Kerala who wakes up to find he’s become Gabriel García Márquez…
A one-time zookeeper in search of a lost tiger cub in a war-torn Arab city…
A man in a Maharashtra village who must keep thieving because of his caste…

Featuring JCB Prize-winning author Benyamin’s finest short fiction, Márquez, EMS, Gulam and Others brings together people, places, lives and times. Translated brilliantly by Swarup B.R., these stories unravel, with deep sensitivity, the human condition across fault lines of class, caste, colour and country, of illusion and reality. They make you ponder about the world we live in, the people who inhabit it, the borders separating us – and the truths and lies we tell ourselves and others.


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