Magical Women – Sukanya Venkatraghavan


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A weaver is initiated into the ancient art of bringing a universe into existence. A demon hunter encounters an unlikely opponent. Four goddesses engage in a cosmic brawl. A graphic designer duels with a dark secret involving a mysterious tattoo. A defiant chudail makes a shocking announcement at a kitty party. A puppet seeking adventure discovers who she really is. A young woman’s resolute choice leads her to haunt Death across millennia. . .

A compelling collection of stories that speak of love, rage, rebellion, choices and chances, Magical Women brings together some of the strongest female voices in contemporary Indian writing. Combining astounding imagination with superlative craft, these tales will intrigue and delight readers in equal measure.

Featuring the works of: * Asma Kazi * Kiran Manral * Krishna Udayasankar * Nikita Deshpande * Ruchika Roy * Samhita Arni * Sejal Mehta * Shreya Ila Anasuya * Shveta Thakrar * Shweta Taneja * Sujatha S.V. * Sukanya Venkatraghavan * Tashan Mehta * Trisha Das


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