Sad Nuggie : Life is Sweet & Sour – Illustrated by Anastasia Sevastyanova


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A stupendously charming comic about an anxious chicken nugget persevering through life despite his uncertain mental health

Sad Nuggie has moved to a new city. It’s huge. It’s noisy. It’s downright overwhelming! And Nuggie is, well, anxious. Duh. With his scary levels of social anxiety, making new friends has been an uphill battle. He routinely drowns in the pool of his salty tears at work ‐ his equally ‘fried’ colleagues, too, are at their wit’s end. But most of all, finding that one special nugget on ‘Tender’ is proving to be a task!

Nuggie’s super-smart therapist has helpful advice for him. They are a little hard to follow… but Nuggie is doing his best to act on them, survive and hopefully THRIVE.

Adorable, rib-tickling and surprisingly wise, Sad Nuggie’s (mis)adventures underscore the importance of self-love, healthy friendships and getting on with life no matter what!


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