Lectures On Fascism – Palmiro Togliatti


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This work consists of a series of lectures given by Togliatti in Moscow in 1935 to Italian refugees from fascism. Although specific to the then current Italian situation, the lectures are of much broader importance and, as Vijay Prashad makes clear in his forward to this edition, can be interpreted much more generally and are of particular relevance today. Among other things the lectures clearly delineate the class nature of fascism and the ideological and organizational tools it uses to fashion its mass social base. Togliatti made a profound analysis of the character of this base, the special problems it posed for the democratic forces in Italy and suggests methods for political work under the difficult circumstances of fascist rule.

First issued in Italy in 1970, “Lectures on Fascism” has since been published in many other countries. This was the first English language edition – a Marxist classic whose style and contents lends itself to creative application to today’s events


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