King Of The Verdant Island – Sunil Gangopadhyay


Adventures of Kakababu

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A remote archipelago, a dreaded island with a dense forest and ferocious aboriginals who revere but one – a man with his own intriguing past – the King of the Verdant Island! Kakababu and Santu are out for yet another adventure. But, clueless about the destination, Santu let his imagination run wild. Little did he know that the mystery they were to solve this time was wilder than his imagination and more spine-chilling than he had ever experienced. In the far flung wilderness they encounter a gang of ruthless, trigger-happy foreigners who will stop at nothing. Meanwhile, the authorities are forced out of their inaction by Santu and Kakababu’s death-defying act. But why have the foreigners come at all? What lies at the heart of this mystery? What is the out-of-this-world object that compels men to give and take lives?


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