Innovating With Impact – Ted Ladd & Alessandro Lanteri


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We’re all innovators now. Thinkers and entrepreneurs Ted Ladd and Alessandro Lanteri show us how to make the most of our ideas.

It is a myth to consider innovation the domain of the special few who are inspired by “eureka!” moments that always result in brilliant new products. In reality, anyone with the right tools, traits, and methods has the potential to innovate with impact, generating profits and even changing the world.

In this engaging guide, top thinkers and entrepreneurs Ted Ladd and Alessandro Lanteri show how to create innovations that deliver customer value. Their Innovation Pyramid outlines a strategic process that is rooted in the right cultures and mindsets and uses a range of methods, techniques and themes to reach the pinnacle of maximum impact.

Throughout the book, stories and examples from different organisations and contexts bring the text to life. This book is essential reading for anyone who wants to create, innovate, improve performance, and ultimately, make a difference.


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