India’s Finance Ministers: Stumbling Into Reforms (1977 – 1998) – A.K. Bhattacharya (Volume 2)


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India’s Finance Stumbling into Reforms (From 1977 to 1998) is the second volume in the series of books on some of India’s unforgettable finance ministers. Analysing the role of India’s finance ministers who managed India’s economy during one of its worst phases (post Emergency to the late 1990s), the book highlights the lasting impact they left on India’s political economy. This volume also provides a fascinating account of India’s economic history offering an incisive view of the key events in India’s journey from an closed, agrarian economy to a liberal economy. Critically examining the decision making of the finance ministers , the book provides interesting insights into the relations between them and their prime ministers and to what extent these relations influenced their decisions. Full of exciting stories, this is the ultimate work on the critical role finance minister plays in the functioning of an economy.


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