Indian Cities: Ancient And Medieval – Raghavan Srinivasan


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Did You Know?

The urban population during Akbar’s rule had exceeded the urban population of the entire Europe of that time!

By 1500 CE, the city of Hampi was the world’s second-largest medieval-era city after Beijing.

Dholavira, the Harappan desert city, adopted highly advanced hydraulic engineering in order to maintain the same standards of living as was seen in other Harappan cities.

This Quick and Concise reference explores the beginning of urbanization in India and its advancement in science, technology, architecture, town planning, economics, art, and culture in the ancient and medieval periods.

Indian Cities throws light on the political history of old cities – both lost and extant – including invasions by foreign powers or by neighbouring states. The intriguing comparisons between cities helps put information in context and makes it easy to access. Timelines and visuals further the charm of this classic reference.


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