In Quest of Equality: Indian Constitution Since Independence – Bojja Thakaram


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For “We the people of India” who gave unto themselves a Constitution glowing with promises of justice—social, economic and political, the situation appears to be not moving an inch forward towards the tantalizing objective of ‘Equality’. In fact, it is drifting away from it inch by inch from year to year. Six, seven decades of delay for such people is too arduous and intolerable. Since the Constitution of India made promises of social, economic and political equality, guaranteed liberty and assured freedom, it is nothing but natural for the people to wait in expectation of the performance of the Constitution in its fulfillment of its lofty goals. Equality should encompass all. It is not just a level playing exercise, it brings forth the essence of democracy in an effort to humanize people. Here is an attempt to look into the sojourn of the Constitution during these eventful post-independence years by the formidable, legal, political and social activist, human rights defender, Bojja Tharakam (1939-2016) who fought all his life for the cause of the Dalits and other marginalized.


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